Systems Integrations

Experience a truly integrated operating environment throughout the technology lifecycle.
At CingleVue, we offer a complete integration service to assist clients of all shapes and sizes to get the most out of their system investments. We work one-on-one with our clients to understand their objectives and establish a clear vision of how to achieve each project’s goals.

Within the same enterprise, the diversity of departments, technology, and individuals can become disconnected, resulting in a sluggish, inefficient, and minimally productive operation. Our approach to system integration focuses on achieving a cost effective solution that enables business intelligence across multiple platforms and delivering a truly integrated operating environment throughout the technology lifecycle.

The CingleVue Approach

Review: assess the existing technology to determine project requirements

Analyze: document a thorough information technology architecture to identify the gaps that are impeding full integration

Build: create appropriate software solutions that satisfy the project requirements

Install: reconfigure existing architecture and upload new systems (as needed) to achieve full integration

Monitor: provide on-going support and training as required for peak operations

At CingleVue our highly motivated and skilled systems integration professionals utilize established packaged software from market leaders, as well as our own Virtuoso Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP) (link) to solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. Let us help you get the most out of your system investments.

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)

EAI concerns the effective integration of applications to support business processes with the goal of improving customer service, accelerating time to market, increasing efficiency, or reducing costs. CingleVue’s expertise with EAI tools, technologies, and methodologies is unsurpassed, leveraging common adapter/connector architectures and alliances with best-in-class integration software vendors to effectively manage the change process for all stakeholders.

CingleVue’s knowledge and experience has been recognized internationally and we can help maximize your EAI investments to:

Reduce future system integration costs

Minimise system architecture complexity

Increase implementation speed for new systems

Reduce corporate costs

Support business priorities

Ensuring that the investment you make today grows with you into the future starts with EAI from CingleVue.

Emerging Technologies

CingleVue’s Emerging Technologies services helps increase the value of our clients’ applications by designing and implementing solutions to complex IT systems and configuration environments.

We offer the full spectrum of services, ranging from a complete Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) transformation, to implementation of automated solutions, to deliver real value to our clients through:

More predictable and agile IT systems at lower cost through industrialized delivery

Improved quality and accelerated time to market for new systems development

Innovative approaches to leveraging new and proven technologies to deliver solutions which facilitate transformational change

Increased testing effectiveness for architecture-based solutions

RedHat & JBoss

In today’s complex, high-tech business world, it is critical to stay ahead of emerging technologies in order to keep you ahead in the market. That is exactly what CingleVue’s strategic partnerships with RedHat and JBoss will do for you.

As a strategic partner and systems integrator, our team at CingleVue offers development support and professional consulting in order to ensure you get the most from both RedHat and JBoss offerings. As a client, you can expect the solution offering to provide you with:

  • Enterprise-class performance, scalability, and stability
  • Greater flexibility and control
  • Industry-leading 24×7 support
  • A low-cost subscription alternative to expensive proprietary software stacks
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership

Our team has development and deployment experience building enterprise solutions based on various JBoss components such as the Enterprise Application Server, Business Process Management, Enterprise Services Bus and the Enterprise Portal. Together, RedHat JBoss Middleware provides tooling and middleware for developing enterprise software in order to:

  • Accelerate application development, deployment and performance
  • Integrate data and applications efficiently
  • Automate business processes across physical, virtual, mobile and cloud environments

Though the world of IT has many unknowns, one thing is certain: you are not alone. Let the consulting expertise of CingleVue keep you ahead – confidently.