Professional Services

Innovative. Stringent. Strategic.
Welcome to the professional IT Services of CingleVue.


Our approach is fresh and innovative:
We’re young, enthusiastic and determined to deliver measurable change.
Our processes are stringent:
We follow best practices with a team of project management professionals that oversee every aspect of our complex plans.
Our solutions are strategic:
We formulate big ideas that deliver results while remaining on scope and budget.


We can help with:

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure

Project & Portfolio Management

Software Development

Cloud Services

If you’re an IT professional or business leader looking for a global company to assist your business growth, we invite you to contact us. Let us help you transform the way you do business.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

The goal in business is positive growth, but with that growth comes an increased need for robust and secure Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Having the right ICT in place provides for capable support of business processes and ensures that information is delivered on time, every time.

At CingleVue, our consultants are experts at managing the entirety of your ICT Infrastructure requirements. Our proven process is detailed, thorough and includes the following steps:

Audit and Analysis: Provides a review of current infrastructure and analysis of future needs.

Recommendations: Compiles all findings and provides you with documentation of suggested solutions for your networks, servers, storage, hardware and software (voice and data).

Design: Creates a system to answer the identified needs analysis that is built directly by CingleVue or sourced through our partners.

Deployment: Equips you with all needed hardware and software.

Operations Management: Ensures continued business efficiency and includes Data and Disaster Recovery Management (DRM).

Technical Support: Helps you maintain peak operations with troubleshooting and ongoing support for system administrators and users.

We encourage you to contact CingleVue to discover how to bring your ICT up to date and keep it moving forward.

PPM (Project and Portfolio Management)

How often does your business achieve significant milestones and high-level business outcomes? It’s not easy. But with the help of CingleVue’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) services, it can be done.

CingleVue’s team of professionals will help you to:

  • Manage new initiatives
  • Rescue troubled projects
  • Restart a project that has been on hold due to setbacks within the organization
  • Provide project advisory services


Our approach provides a strategically aligned PPM methodology from inception through closure using the following services:

  • Scratch-build or reenergize Project Management Offices and Centres of Excellence in order to specifically address your organization’s needs
  • Establish a PPM framework and assist in due diligence and implementation
  • Manage projects from inception through to closure utilizing proven methodologies such as PMBOX, Prince 2 and Agile
  • Implement rescue efforts for ‘code red’ projects or programs to ensure desired benefits are realized
  • Conduct project management maturity audits including advice on how to uplift your expertise to run portfolios efficiently


Whatever your next milestone or desired outcome may be, CingleVue has the sound strategy and methodology to help you achieve it.

Software Development

There are times when existing software can capably meet the needs of an organization. Other times, however, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products will fall short of reaching the desired outcome. That’s when you know you’re ready for the expertise of CingleVue’s Software Development Services.

CingleVue’s handpicked development team of business analysts, architects and software engineers are leaders in their field. Their extensive experience across diverse industries and technologies will provide you with tailor-made software solutions and customized programs that are beyond par.

Our Software solutions encompass the following areas:

  • Identity management
  • Business process management and automation
  • Student information systems
  • Business intelligence
  • Portal and gadget containers
  • Social computing

Though Java is our preferred language, secondary systems include:

  • Oracle’s Apex and PL/SQL
  • JavaScript using the Google Web Toolkit and Yahoos’ YUI
  • Objective C for Apple’s OSX and iOS platforms
  • Android devices using Google’s Android API

The Software Development team at CingleVue has built custom solutions for the education and government sectors. We are also uniquely qualified in the development of user interface components meeting the W3C’s WCAG and ARIA standards for Rich Internet Applications. When ready-made software fails to meet your needs, find out more about what CingleVue’s customized solutions can do for you.

Cloud Services

New technologies offer a vast array of benefits. But that doesn’t always mean that existing technologies are no longer useful. Combining existing systems with new ones, however, can be challenging.

At CingleVue, one of our greatest assets is our ability to work with clients to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape, blending current technology, also known as legacy systems, with emerging ones (such as cloud).

At CingleVue we can assist with:

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud security
  • Agile infrastructure
  • Amazon cloud services
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud-based CingleVue software services
  • Cloud application and platform services
  • Industry specific Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaas)


Specifically, the cloud has become an essential component for organizations wanting to achieve a broader strategy. The cloud is undoubtedly ushering in a new way of doing business with significant benefits that include:

Efficiency: make your organization more responsive, flexible, scalable and competitive.

Flexibility: utilize the power and capacity of cloud computing to support today’s technology trends.

Experimentation: exercise rapid innovation and low-cost, low-risk experimentation within your organization.

Engagement: open multiple communication streams to better engage key customers and partners.

Be assured, legacy systems and cloud systems can coexist. At CingleVue, our industry knowledge, quest for innovation, know-how, and implementation strengths can transform complex environments into high-performance units. We invite you to contact us to find out how.