Virtuoso ELIS

Powered by data mining and innovative analytics, Virtuoso ELIS is a one-stop solution designed to advance education across all grade levels.


Individualized lessons, performance tracking, social network analysis and financial management are just a few of the capabilities offered by this groundbreaking Enterprise Learning and Instructional Support (ELIS) platform. It’s time to utilize technology and data to create customized learning techniques that transform the way students learn.

Who’s It For?

  • Students
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Teachers
  • Administrators

Reduced Costs: because Virtuoso ELIS is a subscription-based service, it reduces the upfront costs of implementation and hardware

Individual Learning Plans: tailored plans can be developed for each student based on teacher, guardian, administrator, case manager and student feedback

Feedback: a dynamic information-feedback loop is maintained at all times to enable real-time comments between all parties

Flexible Structure: multiple curriculums can be imported into Virtuoso ELIS to allow learning programs to be developed, linked and scheduled within the district, school and classroom


Enables seamless communication with peers and teachers

Serves as a collaborative platform for providing feedback on progress and addressing challenges and concerns – can also be used for enrollment, paying tuition and purchasing books and uniforms

Encourages transparency of curricula with the wider Virtuoso community for more informed lesson planning and structuring – also provides an easy method for documenting individual learning outcomes and evaluation tasks

Enhances accurate allocation of resources by tracking a wide range of data on each student’s interaction with the system to help determine what works and what doesn’t