We are a young, dynamic and ambitious information technology company.


We provide innovative solutions to the education sector. We consider our employees to be our greatest asset because it is their dedication and skills that ensures we deliver on our every promise to clients. We provide a working environment where collaboration, networking and learning are at the heart of the way we do business.
We work across borders and cultures speaking a universal language that always puts the best interests of our clients first.  We’re continually breaking new ground and charting our own path because that’s the CingleVue way.

At CingleVue, we are committed to research and development of new solutions.  We apply the resulting knowledge from our research endeavours into designing, building and integrating innovative technologies that deliver quantifiable and measurable change. We take a long-term, collaborative view when welcoming new clients. This means that we take the time to truly understand your organisation so our recommendations have a greater chance of making a significant difference to the way you do business.



Business Consulting – advising on business intelligence; legacy modernization requirements; and Enterprise Resource Planning as well as providing advice, guidance and implementation solutions to customers on RedHat and Oracle technology platforms.

Systems Integration – we use emerging technologies to integrate systems and enterprises to streamline the way our clients do business.

Professional Services – we assist our clients with their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure plans and project portfolio management requirements as well as develop software to achieve business objectives.

Products – we develop and install products to change the way businesses and industries exchange, store and manage information.



Our purpose is to enable accessible, measurable and contextualised learning experiences for all through the affordances of technology.


Put simply, we automate processes that improve the way businesses do business.  We aim to transform our clients digital landscape.  Our solutions and services are designed with the sole purpose of helping our clients achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently.

Why CingleVue?

Our Team: we are a prized employer for those wishing to pursue a career in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and are continually growing our global team of top talent.

Research and Development: everything we do is based on hard data and real-time intelligence.

World Leaders: we set the benchmark. We are innovators and trendsetters.

Ambitious: we push ourselves to achieve beyond the ordinary. We are energized, focused and dedicated.

Honest: we’re true to ourselves and to our clients. We operate ethically and with respect to our peers and partners.

Open: we communicate without fear. We challenge the status quo by speaking up when it’s needed and always communicating clearly with others.