CingleVue specializes in providing services to organizations in the Education, Healthcare and Resources sectors. We believe that these sectors in particular can benefit significantly from the intelligent and considered application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions offered by CingleVue in order to drive meaningful change.


CingleVue understands the need to recognize each student as an individual in order to optimize educational outcomes. Only through the collection, analysis and provision of key information, can we begin to understand each student’s individual needs and provide sustainable, effective and fulfilling learning.

At CingleVue, we’ve invested heavily in education over the years, combining cutting-edge information technology solutions with modern approaches to learning and instruction. These investments have resulted in the development of a fully integrated enterprise learning and instructional support platform called Virtuoso.

Designed to engage 21st century learners, from kindergarten-aged children all the way to tertiary students

Collects and analyzes an extensive array of data and then reports findings that are easy to understand and implement

Provides meaningful insight to educators to understand and respond to individual learning needs

Helps school leaders make more intelligent and cost-effective use of limited resources through data-driven decision making

Delivers meaningful and measurable solutions for students and educators

Scalable solution suitable for individual schools as well as large school districts

CingleVue is committed to playing a significant role in transforming the education landscape and future of every child, regardless of geography, language or environment. One student at a time, change is happening. We encourage you to join us and find out more about our specialist services for the education sector.


Twenty-first century healthcare is not isolated to one community or even one country. When a health crisis or medical breakthrough occurs, the results are global in scale. Having the right information to combat a viral outbreak or utilize a groundbreaking treatment is critical for the health and wellbeing of patients around the globe. Through ongoing data capture, storage and interpretation of key medical information, patient care and management can be optimized to reflect continuous advancements and developments within the health sector.

At CingleVue, our experience across core areas such as business intelligence, analytics, project management and software development enables us to add real value to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needs of the healthcare sector. This allows our healthcare solutions to:

Improve access for geographically isolated communities

Provide support for healthcare workers

Aid in data sharing

Provide visual tools linking population and environmental information with disease outbreaks

In addition to helping improve ICT, CingleVue can also assist healthcare organizations with systems integration including:

  • Integrating isolated, stand-alone systems
  • Improving information flow and organizational intelligence
  • Maximizing use of electronic medical records (EMR), patient administration systems (PAS), or management information systems (MIS)

Having a well-designed and integrated ICT profile is essential for government and private healthcare organizations. At CingleVue, the intelligence we’ve gained working on multi-faceted, complex projects across diverse industries means we are well placed to assist organizations within the health sector on their ICT requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our specialist solutions and services for the healthcare sector with your organization.


Not all organizations work from a home base of operations. This is particularly true of those working in the Resources and Mining sectors. When teams are highly mobile or the majority of work is conducted at remote locations, robust and intelligent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is vital.

At CingleVue, we help organizations within the Resources industry achieve improved operational efficiency and productivity through the considered and intelligent use of modern technology. We add real value to an organization’s current ICT with our experience in business intelligence, analytics, project management, systems integration and software development.

By gaining to-the-minute access to complex business intelligence you will be empowered to achieve:

Effective cost management

Productivity improvements

Organizational efficiency

CingleVue strives to make a significant difference to our clients within the Resources sector and we welcome the opportunity to do the same with your organization.